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The Diet Mindset: Why It Never Worked for Me

Updated: May 21

How many people believe you need to eat grilled chicken, fish, sweet potatoes, or rice to look better in your bathing suit? Or maybe you believe the lies that the keto diet is best for you because you don’t process carbs well. Maybe you jumped on the vegetarian train because vegetables have less calories than meat. While these diets are very useful for people with hormonal dysregulations, food intolerances, and many diseases, they are far too extreme for the average person.

When I was 18 years old, I fell for the lie that eating only chicken and rice will help you develop a lean body, and I began extreme dieting. I am a naturally disciplined person, so I talked myself into believing I enjoyed my plan and didn’t care to eat any other foods. I was also a slave to the scale. Society taught me if you eat right, follow a diet plan, and don’t waver, the scale will go down. Well, when you are already skin and bones, it’s pretty hard for that to be true. So I became even more extreme. I never salted any of my food, I brought food scales to restaurants, I cut out fruits and vegetables, and I never let myself crave sweets. Why did I become so extreme? Social media displays images of women in the best lighting, holding poses that nearly break their backs, and contracting their stomach as tight as they can, all while putting on a beautiful smile. I’m here to let people know it’s all a lie that will lead you down a deep dark hole if you let it.

I followed every diet in existence. When one diet didn’t work, I moved on to the next. Each more extreme than the last. I was unhappy with my already lean body because I saw in the mirror what millions of women on Instagram filter out. I looked in the mirror and saw cellulite, stretch marks, and areas where I wanted to build more muscle screaming back at me. I spent years listening to the lies of the media and chased a body image that did not exist. How did this all change? I hit rock bottom with my health.

After depriving my body of vital nutrients, I found myself lethargic, dizzy, underweight, and depressed. Climbing the stairs became a monumental task. Day trips out of town left me exhausted and miserable. I was napping every chance I could and I was just a teenager! Finally, I went to a holistic nutritionist who ran every test possible to figure out what was wrong. When the results were in, I found out not just one thing was wrong, but I had dozens of health issues. I was deficient in major vitamins, crippled with IBS, every hormone in my body was out of range, and my stress hormones were through the roof. My body was screaming at me for years and I decided it was time to finally listen. But the road to finding a plan that worked for me was not easy.

One of the most difficult tasks for an extremist personality is to find balance. It may sound crazy, but living extreme feels safe for me. If I do something and give it my all, it HAS to work! While this may sound good in theory, my body did not agree with me. I had to cut back my time in the gym, force myself to eat bites of food that I didn’t track in my calories, and enjoy cookies off plan. This might sound like a fun task for some, but it was extremely painful for me. Through all the pain, I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After supplementing the right vitamins to help jump start my damaged body, and finding balance in all aspects of life, I began noticing huge changes in my life. I no longer needed to sleep 13 hours a night just to barely function throughout the day, cardio became ENJOYABLE and easy, my mood was brighter, I was happy to start helping out around the house, I no longer binged on the weekends, and I began interacting with people again. I was finally on the mend.

So what did I learn in all of this? I learned that extreme diets leave out vital nutrients we all need to function properly. Carbs are necessary to provide energy; in fact, they are our bodies main source of fuel. Protein is necessary for cell repair, growth, and development. Fats are necessary to feed cells and protect vital organs. And sugar? Well, that’s necessary to keep us happy and smiling. When you put all of these foods together in a balanced way, your body thrives. When in a healthy calorie deficit, all of these vitamins and nutrients help your body run more efficiently to release fat and help you achieve your goals!

Try living a balanced lifestyle and see if you don’t start making the progress you’ve always wanted! If you don’t know where to start, I help people create meal plans that fit their unique lifestyles, and offer one-on-one coaching to provide the support and accountability we all need!

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